5 common Myths about GPS Vehicle Tracking System

In our day to day life, we often encounter misconception about normal things happening around us. From technology to anything under the sun, people are at first skeptical about making the first step to including it in their routine. The same holds true for GPS car tracking. Not undermining the fact that fleet management systems demands on the rise and their operational benefits, there are a number of myths doing rounds about the whole system.

Mentioned below are the most common 5 myths that underlie using of the system that entails vehicle tracking India –

1. The cost of car tracking is way too high!

The reverse could be true. Not having a tracking system could end you up in a lot of expense in terms of fuel charges. Day after day the prices of fuels are escalating. There is a need to control fuel consumption and the vehicle tracking system just does that. While keeping track of your fleet you can guide your drivers through shorter routes, avoid traffic jams – all this does wonders to your business in 2 ways –

  • Increase customer satisfaction and efficiency of the fleet
  • Reduces fuel costs to a large extent

2. A lot of technicalities

One strong myth surrounding vehicle tracking India is that it is very complicated. Most of the systems comprise of basic hardware – a GPS receiver with some kind of software that is installed on the operating system. The implementation and usage of these systems is fairly simple. To familiarize you with the operations, a reputed GPS vendor would –

  • Coordinate with you to make the implementation process very smooth
  • Help you how to interpret data and use it to increase efficiency of your fleet
  • Provide you with complete support to avert any malfunctions

3. We trust our employees, GPS car tracking is not for us

People feel GPS system is all about tracking employees and their behavior. That is why they feel it may not be accepted by their employees readily. GPS tracking improves productivity by reducing inefficiencies. It shows a healthy manner for your business to function. A GPS tracking system can considerable reduce fuel cost; improve efficiency with respect to routing drivers for delivery and safety and security of the drivers.

4. The same tracking can be done via cell phones

Cell phones are a good means of communication but the drawbacks are –

  • Cell phones cannot provide real time locations status
  • History of stop times
  • Mileage, fuel consumption
  • Engine status

All the above can be easily availed via a tracking device.

5. It intrudes on privacy

This is one of the gravest concerns that the GPS system could intrude on employee privacy. But this can be overcome by the management having to explain their employees why they are implementing the device. They need to be made aware of benefits like security of drivers, route option guiding, manage deliveries, etc.

Don’t let any of the above misconceptions come in your way of making an investment in GPS system for your fleet. It would unquestionably fetch you ROI!

Article written by Dunitz Santrino.

Originally posted on June 7, 2016 at http://www.articlesbase.com/communication-articles/5-common-myths-about-gps-vehicle-tracking-system-7455535.html.

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