Remove cookies from your computer efficiently

What are computer cookies?

You might have come across the word cookies a lot of times. Cookies are actually small files, which are stored on a computer. They are designed to hold a modest amount of data of a particular client and website. The web server or the client computer can easily access them. It allows the server to deliver pages customized for a particular user or the page can include some script, which is aware of the data in the cookies and thus able to carry the information from one page to another.

  • First-party cookies are set by the site shown in the address bar.
  • Third-party cookies come from other sites that have things like ads or images embedded on the page you’re visiting.

Not every cookie is bad, as they help the website remember your preferred settings so one can reload them when you revisit the site easily. They can also help a website to remember the location, so it can provide one with some relevant content.

What can one do to clear cookies installed on the computer?

Although the cookies are helpful to navigate the internet, one definitely needs to know the way of removing the cookie files so that you can protect the privacy online. There are two different kinds of cookies such as regular text browser cookies and flash cookies. To ensure maximum web browsing privacy, you can delete both the kinds of cookies. Some users delete the text-based cookies and leave the flash cookies intact. It does not protect your privacy. Thus, it is important to delete the flash cookies also.

Different browsers have different protocols to remove the cookies. They do not follow one standardized way. So, for different browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer, you need to learn different steps. There are other browsers too, which have different ways to remove the cookies completely.

Professional help for removing cookies from the computer

Removing cookies can be a daunting task and thus came the need for professional help. You can come across experts who can provide best help and support 24 x 7. You can call them anytime of the day and get rid of the cookies. They guide you step-by-step and even if you cannot handle it on your own, they can take over your computer remotely and remove the cookies in fraction of minutes. With the experts at help, you can ensure that your computer is rid of any threats, viruses, etc and runs at great speed.

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