Social Media Tracking Your Competitors

Social media continues to grow and it will never stop shrinking in this technology world that we are in. It is becoming more and more difficult for companies to post content on their social media accounts because the sheer amount of content that is being posted everyday is overwhelming and it is very difficult for the content to stand out from the rest. This is especially true for companies who are starting out and want to create a strong marketing push and promote themselves on social media. It is a daunting challenge for any company starting out, especially startup companies. Startups might want to be more competitive against other companies if they want to get the ball rolling. The best way to stay competitive is to track your competition. Crowdbabble can help watch competitors and track their social media activityin order to help other businesses outperform them online.

Watch Competitors’ Content Posting and Engagement

Crowdbabble allows you to add competitor accounts to Crowdbabble, which helps with social media tracking. You do not need to add only your accounts to your Crowdbabble service. You can simply add any account on your Crowdbabble that you want to keep tabs on. Crowdbabble helps level the playing field by providing your competitor’s analytics, which is publically available, just tucked away and able to be found through Crowdbabble’s social media tracking. With the use of Crowdbabble, you can learn when to post content in order to out-compete your competitors. For example, you can find the times your competitors are posting content and when they have the highest level of fan activity. You can use this valuable information and strategize a content posting strategy for your company’s social media accounts. You can also study which types of content gets the most attention of users. For example, you might see that your competitor’s audience likes videos but your competitor does not post videos. You can start posting videos using their hashtag to promote your brand.

MonitoringCompetitor’s Performance

Besides watching your competitor’s posting and engagement, it is also important to monitor their social media activity by tracking their performance. You want to see if your competitors are growing or posting engaging content on their social media accounts. By using the services of Crowdbabble, you can get a sense of what your competitors are doing in order to grab an edge over them on social media marketing. Another way to monitor your competitor’s performance is by trackingthe hashtags they are using in order to capitalize on missing opportunities with other hashtags. You could also take a Trojan horse approach and post using the same hashtags that your competitors are using. You can easily see which words and hashtags are providing the most engagement when using Crowdbabble’s keyword analysis tools.

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